What is An Ostomy?

There are 3 main types of Ostomy procedures.


The surgically created opening of the colon (large intestine) which results in a stoma. A colostomy is created when a portion of the colon or the rectum is removed and the remaining colon is brought to the abdominal wall. It may further be defined by the portion of the colon involved and/or its permanence.


A surgically created opening in the small intestine, usually at the end of the ileum. The intestine is brought through the abdominal wall to form a stoma. Ileostomies may be temporary or permanent, and may involve removal of all or part of the entire colon.


This is a general term for a surgical procedure which diverts urine away from a diseased or defective bladder. The ileal or cecal conduit procedures are the most common urostomies. Either a section at the end of the small bowel (ileum) or at the beginning of the large intestine (cecum) is surgically removed and relocated as a passageway (conduit) for urine to pass from the kidneys to the outside of the body through a stoma. It may include removal of the diseased bladder.

It’s important to find the right ostomy supplies

When you have one of these procedures, finding the right type of ostomy supplies and the right provider of those supplies is imperative for you to continue living a healthy and productive life. The staff at Duke Medical Supply understands that it can be difficult for you to discuss issues that are this personal, and to ask questions that are necessary for you to get the best products available for your particular needs.

Even though you were probably sent home from the hospital with a particular brand of pouching system, it may not be the one that is right for you now. Stomas change shape and size as our bodies heal after surgery making the pouch you came home with obsolete, or maybe issues have developed with your stoma and the system you have been using just doesn’t work any longer. There are many products available, so there is no reason to continue using something that is not ideal for your particular situation.

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